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‘Monster protection’ for office air purifiers


The global marketing manager of AeraMax Pro contacted us. He needed a B2B agency that could help him introduce office air purifiers nationally and internationally. His requirements for the agency: strong brand thinking based on personas and journeys; experience with product introductions; experience with start-ups; work experience with marketing automation; plus a creative and digitally-versed team. A long list of skills. However, after a pitch between several agencies, AeraMax Pro decided to work with Referro on the launch.


AeraMax commercial air purifiers clean the air in facilities and eliminate air quality issues in large spaces by removing contaminants. They’re contaminants you don’t look for, hence to create awareness of the risks of dirty air within business premises, our creative teams came up with the ‘shadow monster’. With the help of creative direct mail – the Monster Protection Kit – the target audience across The Netherlands was introduced to AeraMax Pro. With the help of a campaign website, various e-mail campaigns, banners and ads, press releases and content pieces, numerous leads have been realized. We also deployed our in-house telemarketing team to help turn non-responses into appointments for the field sales teams.

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