An international family business with a heart for electrical engineering, Hager was founded in 1955 in the French-German Alsace. The main priority was – and still is – the development of technical solutions that enable electrical installation professionals to do their work better. Its products range from energy distribution to cable management, wiring accessories and automation and security systems. Hager has 11,500 employees and 24 production locations around the world.

Connecting the dots in multichannel electrical engineering


We were tasked to come up with a creative communication concept that enabled us to make the benefits of KNX Easy – an easy-to-install home automation solution – clear to our target audience: the installer base in The Netherlands. Hager has supplied a large share of Dutch installers with high-quality products for decades. But since this takes place via the wholesaler in almost all cases, there is little or no direct contact with the installer ‘in the field’. As well as introducing KNX Easy, we had to change that.


Our creative teams created a ‘connect-the-dots’ concept for KNX Easy. Everyday elements from an installer’s life, and products in the KNX Easy range, are shown as dots connected by lines – to visually demonstrate the ease of constructing electrical installations. We started targeting our audience based on a multichannel campaign for new KNX home automation solutions. An extensive step-by-step plan was rolled out, including an email and banner campaign with download options for a report, white papers, case studies, brochures and videos. That’s how we successfully reached installers in the field.

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