De Mandemakers Groep

De Mandemakers Groep (or DMG) is a Dutch company active in the sale and installation of kitchens, bathrooms and furniture with various formulas across several countries. These include Mandemakers, Brugman, Woonexpress, Keuken Kampioen, Keuken Concurrent, Wooning, Nieuwenhuis, Morres, Sanders Meubelstad, Tulp, Montèl, Piet Klerkx and many other great brands.

Providing in- and out-house strategic, tactical and operational support


The CRM Department at DMG is busy operation; responsible for making the customer journey as smooth as possible for 18 different DMG brands. Marketing automation is extensively used to manage and leverage the enormous amount of data available, with the goal of personalizing online and offline communications as much as possible. A lot of attention is paid to sending the right message, at the right time, via the right channel.

DMG’s head of CRM looked to Referro to help further optimize the customer journey for potential customers of different DMG store formulas. The company needed us to work as a sparring partner at a strategic level, but also provide hands-on tactical and operational support. Since DMG already knew our skills from working on other projects, they required a Referro consultant in-house on a regular basis, as well as accessing our skills on an external basis.


We provided DMG with access to a Referro specialist with strategic skills and a background in both B2B and B2C retail marketing. She began work 2 days per week on the strategic challenge of optimizing the customer journey using a mix of data, content and marketing automation. After one and a half years, the highly-refined optimization process continues, with our specialist on-site 1 day per week.

At the same time, Referro provided strategic and tactical support for a number of brand managers. This included setting up KPIs for the campaigns which were then supported by reporting and dashboards. Referro also handles the project management and creation of email newsletters for all 18 DMG formulas. This is an important business tool for DMG, where we saw opportunities for performance improvements.

More broadly, we deployed our expertise to help choose and implement a new marketing automation software package for DMG. We consulted through the whole process, from market exploration and co-drafting an RFP, to evaluating solutions and implementation support.


Referro has increased figures on all KPIs for DMG, elevating the number of appointments achieved. We provide ongoing insights into DMG’s figures and segmented data using benchmarks for the different formulas. By assisting in evaluating customer processes, we’re enabling DMG to respond better to customer needs.

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