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At Referro we have a specialized retail marketing team, operating in the field of complex customer journeys with a long decision period. This often concerns products with slightly higher sales prices and profit margins than other (impulse-buy) items. Mainly durable products that are used for a longer time by the customer and require more thought when purchasing. This often results in a long decision period during which much information is gathered, and reviews are viewed and considered.

A longer customer journey

Brand preference and status play an important role here. The target audience for these purchases is somewhat smaller, after all, how often in your life do you buy a kitchen, house, solar panels, etc. These are often memorable moments for a customer, which means that as a company you must carefully guide this customer on his or her journey.

By applying a data-centric B2B approach to B2C marketing – such as analyzing consumer behavior, preferences, and purchase patterns – companies can gain a deeper understanding of this consumer buying process and tailor their B2C strategies for maximum impact. Referro can then create personalized experiences and product recommendations for B2C customers, increasing their loyalty and long-term engagement.


Engage your audience

This is similar to how B2B buyers navigate through different stages before committing to a purchase. At Referro we have a lot of expertise in both B2B marketing and retail marketing. Referro has been working for renowned retail brands for over five years. The sector experience of Referro’s experts has been of great importance.

Our colleagues have worked on both the agency and client sides in various roles for B2C retail/e-commerce B2B and understand how the retail world works. This diverse experience gives them a broad range of skills, making Referro a strategic, tactical and, operational asset to any retailer.

Our Retail Marketing Services include:

Our strategic and operational retail marketing services

Referro works for an extensive group of B2C clients. Perhaps it’s to do with the fact that our offices are located in an old shopping mall! Our services include:

  • Developing content strategies
  • Campaign creation
  • Building and executing marketing and email campaigns
  • Inbound marketing strategies
  • Lead-generation campaigns
  • Creating customer journeys
  • Content creation
  • Dashboards and reporting
  • Analysis and performance improvements

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