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Brugman Kitchens & Bathrooms has been an advisor in kitchens and bathrooms for 50 years, and have 34 showrooms throughout the Netherlands. Reliable, yet quirky, they are a specialist provider that doesn’t believe in creating a continual sales frenzy. Instead, they like to engage with customers on a personal level to ensure they are happy with their purchase.

Welcoming new leads in a more personalized way


To reinforce its personalized approach, Brugman wanted to provide communications at a highly personal level, taking individual preferences into account. They invested in a tool that tracks where a prospect has clicked, which kitchens or bathrooms they liked, and which pages were viewed. The question was: how can we further personalize and optimize the customer journey by including this in a welcome email campaign?


For Brugman’s welcome campaign, we first looked at available data and how it could be optimized and linked to appropriate content.

We could see whether a lead was searching for a kitchen, a bathroom or both. Separate email campaigns were created for these preferences, but we also went further to personalize the emails. Data tracking allowed us to target our prospects by particular colors or arrangements, such as a preference for a bath or walk-in shower, amongst many other choices. All of these preferences were divided into groups.

After analyzing the largest groups, we personalized different emails within the campaign by lead interest areas, which led to a higher click rate and higher appointment conversion. To simplify the process for the brand manager, we created a dashboard to give real-time insight into the lead generation process. Altogether, this was an excellent example of the power of personalization in B2B.


The results are displayed in a dashboard for Brugman and optimisations are made monthly. In the end, we helped our client with a significant increase in appointments and we are still improving every month.

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