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While this is not exactly a case study, if you’re a marketer in energy, it’s worth studying Referro’s credentials. Next year, Referro will celebrate working for 15 years in the energy sector, so our experience in the industry could prove invaluable to you.

Bringing client-side energy experience to the agency-side


It’s not easy to find specialist marketing support in the energy sector. How many agencies have been involved first-hand with the marketing challenges of energy transition, which will be a major topic for years to come? Or understand the intricacies of a regulated and competitive market? The brief is therefore to find a partner who knows the rapidly evolving market, and is equipped to quickly understand your needs in a way that other B2B or B2C agencies can’t.


At Referro, our principals have gained energy industry experience on both sides of the client and agency fence. We were there in late 1999, when the market began to be commercialized, and a few years later, when it became the open, commercial market it is now: with B2B and B2C customers freely choosing their energy supplier.
Our agency owner, Gerard van den Bogaart, has been involved in the energy industry for nearly 25 years, working for NRE Energie/E.ON, Eindhoven over the years as a Senior Account Manager, Sales Manager and finally B2B Marketing & Customer Relations Manager.
In fact, Gerard collaborated with Referro while at E.ON before joining the agency side. In early 2013, this led to a marketing automation partnership between Referro, Eloqua and E.ON: the first of its kind in the industry for The Netherlands. Today, our experienced energy team continues to use automation, personalization, content development, buyer journeys, telemarketing, and a whole range of marketing services to support our energy clients. We’ve worked with many. And we’re keen to pass our experience on.

Referro’s collective experience spans well-known brands such as:

  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Global

New client partnership: Amogy

We are excited to announce that BBN has partnered with Amogy, a leading company in the clean energy industry. As part of the partnership, Amogy will collaborate with BBN to support a comprehensive and global marketing program.

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