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Essent has been providing energy to customers since 1909 and is one of the leading energy companies in the Netherlands. They also provide services to customers on a daily basis through labels like, Powerhouse and Vandebron.

Mapping the entire B2B energy consumers market


In the beginning of 2019, Essent conducted a detailed and comprehensive vendor selection process with the goal of finding a preferred partner for outbound Call Center activities. The company needed an agency who could map the market of mid-volume B2B energy consumers and begin building a sales pipeline through lead nurturing and generation. Telemarketing services were also needed to help increase Essent’s market share. Referro was chosen due to our lengthy experience in the energy sector.


With lengthy know-how of building leads for energy giants including E.ON Benelux, our team developed a strategy for the project, including creating a bespoke personalized CRM system which would integrate with Essent’s existing solution. This allowed Essent to maintain clean data in its own environment while focusing on newly generated leads delivered by Referro.

Our primary service of telemarketing included data services to help map the market, and lead generation to capture short-term demand and deliver sales-qualified leads. During market mapping, our call agents gathered contact information of decision makers and influencers at companies that were identified as potential future clients.

Additionally, Referro provided guidance on marketing automation for effective lead nurturing through engaging email campaigns. We ensured that all email addresses were GDPR-compliant and ready for future online communications, and assisted Essent with its automated marketing campaigns.


Before the spring of 2021 when Essent sold its operations, Referro had effectively surveyed a significant portion of the mid-sized B2B energy market in the Netherlands, and generated thousands of marketing-qualified leads and sales opportunities. As the buyer, Eneco, was already collaborating with Referro, we were requested to incorporate Essent’s data into the current Eneco process of market mapping and lead nurturing. This highlights the significance of Referro’s accomplishments during our three years of partnering with Essent.

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New client partnership: Amogy

We are excited to announce that BBN has partnered with Amogy, a leading company in the clean energy industry. As part of the partnership, Amogy will collaborate with BBN to support a comprehensive and global marketing program.

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