Eneco is an international energy company that operates in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and the United Kingdom. The company is widely recognized for its dedication to accelerating the energy transition. In fact, Eneco was one of the first major energy corporations to fully commit to a sustainable path. Their mission, "Everyone's sustainable energy", has been firmly embedded in their strategy since 2007. They aim to be climate-neutral by 2035, not only in their own activities but also in the energy they supply to their customers.

Eneco’s One Planet Plan outlines the companies’ sustainability targets since 2015, and they provide an annual report on their progress. Eneco understands that achieving these goals is only possible through collaborations with partners, customers, and suppliers in a rapidly changing energy market. For this reason, Eneco actively participates in various collaborations to work together towards their sustainability objectives.

Lead management in the B2B energy consumer market


Eneco acquired E.ON Benelux in 2018 and entrusted Referro with the task of building on our previous 9-year collaboration with E.ON. You can learn more about our earlier partnership with E.ON by clicking here. Our primary assignment was to improve Eneco’s lead management process in the B2B energy consumer market for gas and electricity, which later expanded to include sustainable energy solutions such as solar power, eMobility, and reducing overall energy consumption. Initially, we were briefed to focus on acquiring new business clients, but not much later we were asked to revise our strategy to include both acquiring new business clients and maintaining existing customers.


Generating high-quality sales opportunities is a complex process that involves a range of marketing technologies. To achieve this, we utilized the bespoke solutions developed by Referro for E.ON, which provided significant benefits for Eneco. We had access to information on approximately 250,000 B2B energy consumers that had been collected over 9 years through our marketing campaigns and telemarketing services. We rebranded all E.ON assets and created new campaigns that aligned with Eneco’s market position and branding guidelines. We were able to deliver the first results for Eneco in just a few weeks. Our biggest challenge at first was to get our call agents to get used to talking about Eneco instead of E.ON.

We have been working with Eneco for several years now, and have contributed to the development of effective go-to-market strategies and campaigns for specific B2B propositions such as “Zon op Dak,” “EnergieCoach,” “eMobility,” and “Zonnig Laden.” Additionally, we continuously work on generating marketing qualified leads and sales opportunities for electricity and gas supply. Our work involves the deployment of a comprehensive set of marketing and sales services. This includes the usage of SuiteCRM and marketing automation, which has proven to be a sweet spot in the marketing and sales activities for several Eneco business units, and is utilized by both Referro and Eneco staff.

In 2021, Eneco acquired Essent’s operations in the mid-sized B2B market segment. As a result, we were tasked with integrating the activities of two of our clients – Eneco and Essent. It’s worth noting that we had an existing partnership with Essent at that time. You can learn more about our collaboration with Essent here.


Our collaboration with E.ON started in late 2009 and has been continued with Eneco since 2018. Over the years, Referro has generated a very large number of sales opportunities for a range of Eneco’s B2B solutions while continuously looking for ways to reduce costs per lead.

New client partnership: Amogy

We are excited to announce that BBN has partnered with Amogy, a leading company in the clean energy industry. As part of the partnership, Amogy will collaborate with BBN to support a comprehensive and global marketing program.

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