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With more than 20 years of experience in virtual data rooms and software development, Virtual Vaults is a market leader in Benelux. Virtual vaults (which are also known as data rooms) are commonly used for deal preparation, organisation and collaboration – providing a secure and compliant portal to collaborate, share sensitive documents and respond to deal questions. Virtual Vaults is a fast-growing tech company with a strong focus on innovation and product support.

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Since its focus was on the Mergers & Acquisitions market in Benelux, Virtual Vaults was unknown in the UK, and particularly in the City – a huge hub for mergers and acquisitions in Europe. The company approached Referro to help build brand awareness and trust in their solution in this very focused demographic, with a small defined audience of financial advisors, such as within BDO, Deloitte, Rothschild etc., plus London law firms. Our brief from the client: “Create brand awareness and do it in a creative way.” At Referro we don’t have to be asked twice to flex our creative muscles.


Through interviews, competitive analysis and desk research, it became clear to Referro that there were many drawbacks with existing virtual data rooms. Compared to Virtual Vaults’ solution, other software was often perceived to be old fashioned, expensive, or less intuitive to use. There was a clear creative opportunity here to position Virtual Vaults as entirely different in the minds of buyers. We created the campaign concept of ‘It’s not our Vault’ to demonstrate the failings of other deal room software versus the strengths of Virtual Vaults.

The media plan was equally inventive. We used billboards in the City, PR, mobile displays (with geotracking), account-based advertising, retargeting, and Google and LinkedIn advertisements to put across our message. The result is a successful introduction of Virtual Vaults in the UK, on a relatively tight budget, with a solid number of impressions. First conversations with sales are well underway.

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