Perstorp is a leading specialty chemicals innovator, and amongst many different sectors, creates solutions for animal nutrition. Gastrivix AVI is an innovative new product created after years of research and feedback from animal protein producers, and uniquely combines valeric and butyric acids for optimal gut health in broilers.

Putting the magic into animal nutrition


Perstorp approached Referro to launch Gastrivix AVI as a product that not only supports the health of broilers, but also improves the health of businesses. The launch campaign was to run parallel with other work by Referro which communicated Perstorp’s gut wealth vision. Our task was to launch and build awareness of Gastrivix AVI benefits, as distinct from ProPhorce SR – a Perstorp product that has been known in the marketplace for 10 years.

We needed to open up a dialogue with our target audience on an improved way of growing poultry, through logical and appealing storytelling. We want to persuade our audience that with Gastrivix AVI, the balance of the bird’s life – and that of the farmer, feed mill owner or integrator – would be better.

Introduction video Gastrivix AVI


Extensive research was undertaken by means of interviews, competitor analysis and market research. Our teams arrived at the proposition of ‘Experience the magic of growth’ which placed Gastrivix AVI firmly at the growth end of gut health solutions (with other work by Referro positioning ProPhorce SR as the ‘foundation’). Perstorp’s existing visual style was pushed creatively to demonstrate this magic, with the delivery of valeric and butyric acids demonstrated straight to the gut. A range of work has been created to communicate the concept, including website pages, advertisements, online banners, sales material and brochures.

Referro also produced a video and website for Perstorp’s generic approach to animal gut wealth, which ties in visually with its product line. Gastrivix Avi and gut wealth have therefore been successfully introduced in cohesion with each other.

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It’s a kind of magic

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