DBM Blending

Toll blending is the production of chemical blends when outsourced to a third party. Since its foundation in 1992, DBM Blending has been providing that service for customers in national and international markets. Chemistry is central here, and all products are tested for compliance with specifications in DBM’s own laboratories. Numerous raw materials are processed in both bulk (tank trucks) and smaller containers with a production capacity of 20,000 tons per year. DBM also knows the ins and outs (and risks) associated with blending and transporting chemical substances.

Transporting knowledge not chemicals


American chemical companies have to deal with new European legislation and regulations called REACH which affects the exporting of chemicals to Europe. This offered an opportunity for DBM Blending to offer toll blending to USA companies – helping them to sell ‘their own’ chemical products which are created by DBM Blending in Europe in line with regulations.

DBM Blending approached Referro with one key question: “Do you have experience generating leads in North America?”. Referro has been in lead generation for over 25 years and so as part of BBN’s international network, we became DBM’s logical choice of agency.


Together with the management of DBM Blending we started by defining objectives, communication messages and target groups using interviews and workshops. We drew up personas, a buyer’s journey, mapped content and built a CRM, cleaning contacts via telephone. With our BBN partner in the US, we targeted companies and performed a data gap analysis.

Referro then developed various content pieces, centered around the proposition that you don’t need to transport chemical (and deal with regulations) when DBM Blending can do it for you. We started the dialogue in the US through emails, content pieces, LinkedIn and DBM’s website. The first contacts have been made, leading to requests and new business.