Perstorp is a leading specialty chemicals innovator, and amongst many different sectors, creates solutions for animal nutrition. One of its star products is ProPhorce SRTM, which improves gut health in animals including broilers and pigs, and sets the benchmark for production success.

An unrivaled foundation to power production


Referro have worked with Perstorp on many projects, and they turned to us to reinvigorate the ProPhorce SR brand. There was a strong belief that a refocus of communications could deliver untapped sales growth in selected markets. ProPhorce SR also had to be newly positioned alongside Gastrivix Avi, another complementary, but different, gut health solution from Perstorp. We had to convince the target audience of animal protein producers – and specifically the in-house nutritionist – that ProPhorce SR was still an essential solution for gut health and animal growth. The new concept was to be delivered in sales materials, brochures and training sales aids.


A great deal of work went into the new value proposition for ProPhorce SR, in close collaboration with our client. We arrived at a single-minded proposition that ProPhorce SR was the essential foundation for production success. Our creative teams were able to bring that proposition to life with impactful imagery that worked consistently across three different animal species. As well as the assets required from the brief, we used LinkedIn to reach Perstorp’s audience, launched a global programmatic advertising campaign, and activated several social media platforms for the brand refresh.


We created a lot of traction to the Perstorp’s website which resulted in multi-downloads of the various literature. And we created new awareness for the ProPhorce SR product.

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