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If you're a marketer in the retail industry, you may find it valuable to study Referro's credentials. Although not a case study, it's worth noting that we have been providing our B2B expertise to retailers very successfully for quite some time now. Our industry specialists, who have a proven track record of working on both client and agency sides of the retail industry, bring this service offering to our clients.

Bringing client-side retail experience to the agency side

Benefit your retail experiences

In today’s highly competitive retail environment, it has become increasingly important for retail companies to partner with agencies that deeply understand the challenges within the B2C/retail industry. By leveraging the experience of agency professionals who have worked in the retail sector, companies can benefit from more effective marketing campaigns that are tailored to their specific needs and challenges. These professionals can provide valuable insights into the market, the client’s needs, and potential solutions that are well-suited to the company’s capabilities. Ultimately, this kind of collaboration builds stronger relationships and helps companies stay ahead of the competition.

Referro has a wealth of experience in both B2C and B2B industries. By combining the similarities and strengths of both industries, Referro can be an ideal partner to help you create compelling customer journeys, whether for short-term or long-term needs. Additionally, Referro can aid with data-driven campaign development, persona development, and content strategy integration.

Experience at Referro

Referro and DMG have been collaborating for over five years now. The partnership between the two companies is more than just an association, as the employees of both organizations work together as colleagues. Referro provides in-house and out-house support, which will continue in the future. At Referro, our colleagues have gained industry experience on both sides of retail.

Monique is a digital specialist at Referro who has been working in the online world since 1999. She has worked on both the agency and customer side, in various roles for B2C retail/ecommerce and B2B. This diverse experience has equipped her with a wide range of skills that make her a strategic, tactical, and operational asset. Before joining Referro, she worked at Paradigit, where she was responsible for developing the CRM strategy and activation for multiple brands. Her duties included managing databases, creating acquisition, retention, and loyalty programs, creating product lifecycle mailings, conducting segmentation, customer insight analyses, and assessing customer values and experiences. She also implemented a new marketing automation software and tracked NPS scores. She has accumulated eleven years of experience working with renowned electronic brands such as Dynabyte and Dixons. At Referro, she has been working as an account manager for five years, handling various brands under the Mandemakers group. She now aims to share her extensive knowledge with other retailers to help them succeed.

Colleague Carl started working as a sales executive in B2C for an international travel agency. And with his marketing background, he soon became Head of Marketing for a national kitchen company.

 After that, he worked as a marketing manager for an international staircase renovation company for 3 years. His main responsibilities included brand positioning, digital marketing, and lead generation.

In summary, adopting the client-side retail experience on the agency side can prove to be a substantial advantage for both clients and agencies. By collaborating with an agency that profoundly comprehends the retail industry, businesses can generate more efficient and successful marketing campaigns. It is a sound investment for both parties.

Referro’s collective experience spans well-known brands such as:

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