Sanders Wonen

Sanders Wonen is part of the De Mandemakers Group and provides furniture and interior solutions from living rooms to dining areas and bedrooms. The company first opened over 50 years ago, and has developed its retail formula and now operates 12 stores across The Netherlands. Sanders Wonen has a passion for home furnishings, a love of the trade, an eye for quality and a client-oriented approach.

Turning passive leads into active leads


Sanders Wonen had a sizable list of leads. But the company was unsure how active these leads really were, and whether to continue approaching the contacts. Referro were approached to help determine which were truly inactivated leads and whether others could be reactivated.


Step 1: segmentation of the leads

We divided the total leads from Sanders Wonen into segments and approached them regularly through newsletters and other marketing content. Of the two segments, one proved to be less active, so for test purposes we then focused on the more active segment.

Step 2: Winback campaign

We developed an email campaign to ask leads if they still have specific interests and want to receive information from Sanders Wonen. We then thinned down the leads who did not react (or who unsubscribed) to eliminate any new approaches. Where a lead indicated that they were still interested and wanted to continue receiving marketing content, we created a new segment. By working through Sanders Wonen significant database in this way, we were able to reinvigorate what had been a stagnant lead list, and XYZ.



A cleaner database, resulting in a better deliverability of emails, lower delivery costs, and, of course, reactivation of dormant leads. But above all, higher customer satisfaction.

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