Cadmatic, based in Finland, is a leading developer of digital and intelligent 3D-based design, engineering, and information management software. They provide solutions for all kinds of construction including ships, offshore facilities, process facilities, and commercial buildings. Cadmatic solutions are used by over 6,000 customer organizations in 60 countries, and we are pleased to work with a global market leader in its sector.

Helping EPC companies to be more digital


Cadmatic approached us with a request to map and build information on Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) companies and contacts in selected countries, and convince them to use Cadmatic’s EPC software. This would involve creating an Ideal Customer Profile and an ABM list with engineers, project managers and designers at large Oil & Gas, Construction, Energy, and Pharma companies. And then to create a Big Long Idea and go-to-market plan.


A key reason to choose Cadmatic software is its ability to fully digitize the design and construction of a project – saving time and reducing errors and costs. We created the Cadmatic ‘digital man’ to demonstrate how you can “be more digital’ with Cadmatic. Our multichannel approach included landing pages, videos, white papers, content syndication, Adwords campaigns, retargeting, LinkedIn advertising and programmatic advertising.

Our campaign targeted prospects in Germany, Italy, and Poland. We leveraged the knowledge and expertise of our strategic partners in the process. And we continue to produce additional content for the customer journey. We are continuously improving the full funnel with better nurturing and data insights.


From the get-go it was clear that our data-driven multi-channel strategy was the correct approach and that the channel mix would successfully drive both awareness and performance KPI’s. We delivered an impressive 1,000+ targeted business prospects over one year while generating new traffic to Cadmatic’s website. We are now in the process of growing that number of leads and converting them to opportunities.

Cadmatic video ‘Digital Man’

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