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Proact is Europe's largest data center solution provider and cloud specialist. With more than 800 employees in 15 countries, its primary goal is to reduce costs, reduce operational risks and bring innovation to its customers. Proact has provided solutions and services to more than 4,000 customers and is listed on the stock exchange.

Turning personas and propositions into a concept


Proact wanted to work towards creating a marketing ecosystem in 15 countries, using buyer personas and buyer journeys with a clear contact strategy per persona and per proposition, all aligned to different marketing programs. An important aspect to this approach was clarifying the content attributed revenue – i.e. what each individual piece of content actually delivers as we encourage companies to innovate and switch to Proact’s cloud solutions.


An example of our work in the new marketing ecosystem is a campaign for Business Cloud Alignment. After mapping out various stakeholders and target groups through interviews, desk research and workshops, we mapped out the buyer’s journey. Based on this, our creative teams set to work and developed the campaign strapline: ‘Creating chemistry between business and IT’. The idea has been developed into photography and assets such as a campaign website, advertisements, online banners, and infographics.

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