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Increase lead engagement

Marketing automation is a vital part in the process of online, digital and inbound marketing. Therefore marketing automation solutions in B2B have grown explosively recently. Inbound marketing becomes a target point in companies increasingly. The effectivity of inbound marketing grows explosively with marketing automation. How and if you will be using this tool depends strongly on the phase of development of your marketing and sales organization.



Connections in construction

Gebr. Bodegraven connects. Not only the perfect fit in construction, but also with the construction industry. Architects, constructors, contractors and retailers never appeal in vain to the knowledge and skills built up since 1881.

Modern technology

Marketing automation

Marketing automation can be defined as software that automatically converts a prospect into a lead. You role out various online campaigns and send out emails to increase engagement of prospects and to enrich the prospects profile (lead profiling). This results together in a score (lead scoring). If the lead is ‘hot’ enough, this process has done its job and it is up to sales to close the deal. We take care of having a personalized dialogue with your target group.

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Push becomes pull

Inbound marketing with marketing automation

Traditional marketing is often called outbound marketing. A message is send out (through phone, email or direct mail) and potential customers can respond to that. This results in leads. The Internet has mutated the way outbound marketing can work. It put the power in the hands of potential customers. By connecting the world and make global offers locally available, the prospect had the ability to look for solutions themselves, compare and make a decision. No longer they needed to be approached to get to know the brand or product, they can find this themselves now through search engines.

Inbound marketing is the umbrella term in facilitating self service leads: leads that declare themselves to you. In short: they are going to look for solutions through search engines and land on your website. It is your website’s job to interest, educate and persuade visitors about your brand, product or service. In a way they make themselves known by providing their personal details. Thereafter, intelligent email marketing flows allow you to educate and persuade the prospect even further and increase lead engagement. Up until they reach the threshold and sales comes in to play. You can imagine what your CPL and ROI will do if this process and performs well and you only have to optimise on a micro level.

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