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Internal campaign for a new brand strategy

Where outside meets inside, Ubbink makes the connection. Together with construction professionals we take care of an energy efficient, environmentally friendly, healthy and safe houses meeting the highest quality requirements. We do that with smart innovative products, but most of all by being the partner of these construction professionals.


Brand awareness
Content strategy
Marketing Automation
Online Advertising
SEO & Webdesign


Construction professionals play a critical role. They are the designers of the changing world. Without them, there will be no such thing as change. Whether you are an installer, consultant, prescriber or construction contractor, all eyes are on installation and building professionals to create durable houses. Together we need to increase the efficiency of the full construction chain. Ubbink is encouraged to keep up with technologies and adapt to changing laws and regulations driven by developments such as energy efficiency measures. A different way of communicating to target audience is required which led Ubbink straight to us.


First the Ubbink employees were introduced to the tag “Build smart” and what the new Ubbink stands for. With a big internal launch in multiple countries at the same time the campaign was kickstarted. After that various countries started with introducing Ubbink 2.0. With a cool corporate video, posters, narrow-casting, email campaigns, sales pitches, brochures, a new website and new catalogs the outside world became part of this important message.

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