Telemarketing for more than sales alone

Telemarketing has evolved and Referro has fully embraced technical innovations that support your modern marketing challenges. We provide the perfect mix of a personal human touch for one-to-one engagement, plus a range of services to support your digital marketing strategy.

Phone outreach and beyond

Telemarketing continues to be a potent instrument for relationship-building, particularly when Referro’s expert call agents drive conversations with a personalized touch. We adapt strategies to serve distinct goals and audiences in B2B and B2C marketing, to nurture connections and introduce brands, products or services to decision makers. We initiate direct dialogue, showcase your expertise, address concerns, and ultimately increase conversions and business growth.

Our telemarketing services can be used to support and drive value in other marketing channels to maximize opportunities.

Our full range of services spans:

  • Market research
  • Data services
  • Lead qualification and nurturing
  • Lead generation
  • Building customer relationships

Market research

Through hyper-personalized content and a sophisticated channel mix, marketers have a better understanding of target groups than ever. But that doesn’t mean we know everything that an audience wants and how they want to engage. So, why not ask them? Collecting customer intelligence and actionable insights with Referro helps you prepare your go-to-market strategy, and you can use the insights to develop personas, plot journeys, and develop a content strategy.


Data services

Is your database clean, up-to-date, and comprehensive? Are there enough leads and contacts in your database that match your ideal customer profile to generate the right volume of sales opportunities? Is your data GDPR-compliant and ready for online interactions? Referro’s Data Services answer all of these needs through cleansing, enrichment, and capturing of email opt-ins, which are a daily part of our call agents’ routine.


Lead qualification and nurturing

Many marketers focus on lead-generation initiatives that capture short-term demand, which is a necessary requirement. Referro also believes in planting seeds for future success through nurturing. After our call agents qualify leads that meet your sales criteria, we can keep those contacts engaged, build a better understanding of their business needs, and be there when they’re ready to buy.


Lead generation

We’ve delivered thousands of qualified leads in many industries, including energy supply, insurance, IT and telecoms. Our goal is to help you achieve your sales targets by building a healthy sales pipeline; leveraging the experience and knowledge of our call agents to build a personal rapport with your prospects. We have proven processes to reduce acquisition costs and make a real sales impact.


Building customer relationships

Our call agents often serve as an extension of our clients’ retention teams to enhance customer relationships and loyalty. We support our clients in building an omnichannel approach which includes a human interface. Our contact services can include welcoming new customers; getting insights into future needs; identifying opportunities for cross-selling, up-selling, and deep-selling; conducting customer satisfaction surveys; and many other ways to either grow business or reduce churn rates.


Relevant insights

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