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D.B.M. Blending

Lead generation in the United States

Since its foundation in 1992, DBM Blending has been producing chemical formulations and reaction products for customers in the national and international industrial (toll manufacturing) market. Chemistry is central here and all products are tested for compliance with the specifications in their own laboratories. Numerous raw materials are processed in both bulk (tankers) and smaller containers. The total production capacity is 20,000 tons per year. DBM is a professional company. The specialists know the inside out and are aware of the risks associated with blending and transport of chemical substances


B2B campaign
Content strategy
Lead generation
Marketing Automation
Online Advertising


At the end of 2015, Hans van den Berg, sales manager of D.B.M. Blending came to Referro with the question: “Do you have experience in lead generation in North America?”. They already do a lot of business in North America, but they want to expand further. American companies will have to deal with new European legislation and regulations in the field of chemical products (REACH). And that offers opportunities! Referro has been around for over 25 years and generating leads is our core business, but we don’t get such a specific question every week. However, our areas of competence, coupled with the fact that we are part of the international network of BBN, made Referro a logical choice.


Together with the management of D.B.M. Blending we started by defining objectives, communication messages and target groups. Partly based on interviews and workshops, we have drawn up the persona and buyer’s journey and established an influencer and content mapping. We built a CRM and with our BBN partner in the US we selected companies and performed a data gap analysis. We have provided this CRM with the correct contacts, email addresses and telephone numbers via telephone follow-up.

For D.B.M. Blending we have developed various content pieces. A company profile, infographics of the European market and a lightread that breaks down barriers and answers questions. We also provided the design for emails and product sheets. In the field of social media, we have created and optimized the LinkedIn profile of D.B.M.

Hans van den Berg himself started the lead generation. They started the dialogue via our emails, content pieces, LinkedIn and their website. The first contacts have been made. We see that sooner or later this will lead to new business.

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