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Product launch in diervoeding

Perstorp is a leading company regarding specialty chemicals with over 140 years of experience. They use building blocks from nature to move daily life forward, in a responsible way. Perstorp’s innovations can be found in animal feed additives, telephones, cars and wind turbines.


B2B campaign
Brand awareness
Online Advertising
SEO & Webdesign
Perstorp groot


Perstorp approached Referro with the question: Help us introduce a new product to the pet food market: Gastrivix Avi. This innovative product was created after years of research and feedback. It is not only used to improve the health of chickens, but also to guarantee the health of businesses.

Parallel to the introduction of the Gastrivix campaign, we had to make Perstorp’s gut wealth vision known. This vision guarantees the total unburdening of the users of Animal Nutrition products from Perstorp.


In order to arrive at a strong concept, extensive research was done beforehand by means of interviews, competitor analysis and market research. The concept ‘Experience the magic of Growth’ for Gastrivix Avi has been introduced internationally. Various mediums have been used to communicate the concept, including website pages, advertisements, online banners, sales material and brochures.

A video has been produced for gut wealth and website pages have been developed. Gastrivix Avi and gut wealth have therefore been successfully introduced in cohesion with each other.

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