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Draw attention and score deals

B2B marketing

B2B marketing is drawing attention for products or services with potential buyers, in this case companies. Instead of approaching individuals personally, in B2B marketing individuals are approached through their job. This requires a different approach than in B2C: you address somebody always in the light of their profession.

Decisions in B2B are taken much more rational. A potential buyer starts with extensive research by themselves, they are enabled to compare, ask a lot of questions and consume a lot of content before making a decision. Moreover, decisions in B2B are mostly taken by a group of people, called the decision making unit (DMU).

Apart from the rational decision making, we believe that also in B2B emotion plays a critical role. In B2C feelings, favor factors and likeability have more influence, but also in B2B marketing smart creativity accomplishes a preferred position.

Do you want to hit the ratio and emotion of your target audience? In our approach we take the following steps:

  1. Marketing goals
  2. Research & marketing strategy
  3. Creation & execution
  4. Optimization
Set goals

Successful B2B marketing

Successes are never achieved without defining what we see as a success. That is why we determine our common marketing goals upfront. We understand that for every marketing department leads are the ultimate goal, but before you can generate leads efficiently and successfully, your brand awareness requires to be at level. Then we continue.

Where shall we begin?

Research & strategy

B2B marketing strategy based on research

A good B2B marketing strategy is based on research and insights. Gain a deeper knowledge of the target audience to know what your ideal buyer persona looks like. Also take a look at the competition: you want to know how they position themselves to be able to conquer a unique position in the market. In the end we advise to analyse the market: what developments are there? Can you say something about geographical areas? Are particular laws and regulations in place that you should consider when launching your product?

We bring together all these insights. This forms the fundaments of the strategy. We determine what the best approach is: demand generation or account based marketing. Demand generation means literally generating demand: you approach the market without a solid target audience and focuses predominantly on firmgraphic characteristics on a large scale. The whole world is your canvas and with a good content strategy you cause the demand for your product or service by yourself. Account based marketing on the other hand, uses a solid target audience. You know who to target upfront. We often use this approach in niche markets with a limited audience and mostly not more than a few hunderd companies down to even less than ten companies. The smaller, the more personalization the campaign requires and the more critical a good first impression is.

Which approach fits with your market?

Creation & execution

B2B marketing with impact

You are not able to trigger the target audience with simple dry rational content. Offer them a whitepaper of 65 pages, with 75% text and you will receive low response. Creativity and emotion trigger memory. You want to make an impact with your target audience right from the start. With a creative campaign concept our creative team invents the umbrella for your campaign. All assets and messaging will be attached to this concept. We believe a fully aligned customer experience provides you a preferred position.

When executing a campaign we make sure that the right expertises are put in place to have the message reach the audience and align the full customer experience across channels. Below you find an overview of all services we can do for you. You can approach us as a one-stop-shop, contractor or your full service marketing partner.

Keep on optimizing

B2B marketing is never done

It is never launch and we are done. We want to see what happens: do we hit the right target audience in the online advertising campaign? Are emails opened and clicked? We analyze and optimize on a continuous basis to be smarter, better and more efficient so you can benefit.

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