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Finalist connects

Monique Bijnen

Case - Finalist


Finalist connects people and organizations, people within organizations and organizations and interest groups. For an optimal connection, Finalist involves end-users in the complete software creation process and Finalist is independent in choices of technology and embraces the open standard like no other. Our 130 specialists work in Rotterdam, Maarssen, Amsterdam, Eindhoven and on location. They’re constantly developing user friendly websites, custom applications and integration solutions. In the summer of 2015, Finalist requested three agencies for a pitch, including Referro. Their goal was to boost Finalists brand awareness for the target groups, by executing a marketing campaign resulting in leads. The requirements were among others proven experience with B2B marketing and media campaigns directed to specific target groups in healthcare and education. In the beginning of 2016, we started the collaboration and the process is still ongoing.

Proposal Referro

1. Increasing differential power with consistent marketing.
2. Vision on facilitating the development of the buyers journey, therewith optimizing inbound lead generation by an improved website, Pardot, social and other media tools.
3. Earn the right to communicate. From send to interact, from push to pull.
4. Communicate with the complete DMU.
5. Market extension: market penetration + a third vertical?


Apart from the achieved KPIs of MQLs, there were even more advantages gained.
• Clean and enriched data;
• Full view of the customer’s profile in healthcare and education;
• Increase of knowledge of the personas;
• Optimized data processes;
• Large steps in Marketing Automation;
• Learnings: Is engagement achieved and through which channels the highest engagement?;
• Higher conversion by offering relevant content;
• Insights in warm leads.


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